he was inspired by her mother. His mother was a very kind personality. She used to do a lot of charity work, she used to help the ladies in childbirth, in ramzan and give charity to the needy people. Whenever he was found lazy of helping the needy his mother used to talk to him angirily. In his area there was a dispensary which gave medicines at highr cost, so he started his own and gave medicine to poor. His mother was so much social and busy in social activities that she could not consider his education.he

He was to start his charity work but he did not have enough money. But he did this by his means available, he gave even a single penny he had. He served poor with medicine and giving them basic needs. And this was just a start, nobody knew that it will become world’s largest emergency response system.

To fulfil his dream he needed money and for this he at the age of 11 worked at a cloth shop. He got the money and used in charity. He was given 1 rupee salary and he used to save some of it. One day he saw someone who was suffering from temperature and he gave him blanket and treated him. From here his story started. He made a mind and goal to help such people. Here he followed the AMAL’S principle to ‘’ just start the project’’ or ‘’AMAL’’

He managed to get an ambulance somehow and gathered other fellows. He had nothing at the start but he worked worked worked and finally he made world’s best charity system.

This part of the edhi’s life story is the most important as it was a turning point for him to decide that either he is leaving his goal or not. But he decided to carry on even he did not have anything at that time.

I belong to a village and when i got admission in F.Sc i did not even know about the subjects selection. I just randomly entered into the pre-medical class but later i came to know that it was much difficult for me to live and survive in that environment. But i decided to get high marks and was inspired by a senior who was in pre-engineering. I changed my subjects and worked very hard. I even used to eat lesser so that i can save my time. When boys used to play games in break, i used to study at that time. my writing is not up to the mark and my elder brother used to say that you can never get admission because your writing will cause you to be left behind. That was really very hard time for me as many times i was punished without any reason and was hurt but i kept on studying and at last i got admission in engineering.

people can have a great inspiration from edhi’s story. many people try to start some project or want to get some goal but they do not start it just because they are afraid of it, or they have view that they do not have enough resources. but everything can be achieved by sticking to the goal and trying for it. as edhi shb did not have anything but he saw a dream which like impossible but he achieved it only by sticking to it.

similarly i was forced to leave my engineering passion and make my career in some other profession but i kept on it and finally got admission. so everybody must take initial step and start the work to get his dream fulfilled, finally he will get whatever was his dream