my dream is to get commission in Pakistan army. it was my dream since my childhood, i used to play Fuji & Jung game with my cousins. used to put my shirt in my trouser and feel like a soldier with wooden guns in hands. when i did my F.Sc. my dream was on full swings.

i wanted to be an army man because i was naturally physically fit and adventurous. i used to climb on walls, trees and always felt myself like a commando. whenever i watch any drama or movie with scenes of wars and armies i felt so lost on those scenes and as if i were also a part of those wars.

after doing my F.Sc i applied in Pakistan army for PMA Long course. i cleared all the initial tests but i could not clear ISSB. i have to appear in ISSB just the next day to my sister’s marriage. i was much busy in marriage so i could not prepare myself properly. i nafct i did’nt have much information about ISSB as well.

i identified following tasks to achieve this goal; I should be mentally prepared for the jobs advertisement, I must apply for that, I must prepare myself for the selection procedure.

1st task was quite difficult for me. i have to keep checking three newspapers on daily basis to seek job advertisements. i had to contact to my seniors in this regard and also to check different websites for the advertisement. 2nd difficulty was to apply for. i did not know the proper procedure to apply. and the 3rd one and the most important problem was that i did not have

i got lesson from whole of story that we must be aware of our dreams, then we should start it anyway. even when we d’nt know any direction we need to just start the job. with he passage of time we will learn each and every thing

i am appearing again in Pakistan air force test and this time i am fully prepared which is the result of my past learning process.

to achieve my goal i am working on it and preparing myself from all the aspecs to compete fully in the initial and ISSB tests.

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