Due to the rapid increase in population of the world, geologists, scientists and engineers are coming up with the concept of “Floating Cities”, whereas the scenario of Asia is totally different due to the insurgency between two nuclear powers that is Pakistan and India. There is a need to look into the cause which will reveal the fact that the division of the world into two poles. Now, the question arises what are these poles? The answer is quite simple i.e. Russia and America, most of the analyst considers two Asian rivalries in isolation, but the situation is quite change; however, these two countries always have to select one pole either Russia or America due to the egoistic issue between these two super powers of the world.

The two Asian nuclear powers are fighting since 1947, both had to select one of the two poles after separation, and at that time India had selected USSR (i.e. Russia) now it was our turn; therefore, we selected America. India had full support of USSR in every war with Pakistan due to the its support and relations with America; however, if we refer the wars of 1965 & 1971 we would conclude the strange fact that America never supported us in both the wars despite signing of SEATO & CENTO with America against Russian ideology. After facing defeat in 1971 and partition of East and West Pakistan into Pakistan and Bangladesh, the famous words of USSR were, “we have taken our revenge.”

The recent developments and military activities of Russian Army along with Pak Army depict the totally different picture and no one can assume that we had been a part of secrete operation “Cyclone” in collaboration with US against USSR (Russia) in Afghanistan which was continued for 10 years and it was the most expensive operation in the history of US; moreover, due to the recent developments, India is raising hands towards America and unintentionally moving toward cold war and instability; therefore, there is a need to realize the root cause and effects of insurgencies between these two countries; what if, these two countries (India & Pakistan) shake hands and get closer to each other. Both the countries are enriched with natural and agricultural resources and man power; despite, they fall under the “Third World” Category due to the hostility. 75% budgeted revenue of both countries is spend on defense; whereas, their population is suffering from starvation and energy crises. Masses of these countries are even deprived of basic necessities of life due to the cold wars between two states.

According to the geographical locations, these two countries are blessed and situated at ideal location on globe because 80% trade of the world can be initiated from these countries; the remaining world admit this fact but do not take initiative to alleviate the state of hostility and promote harmony between them. However, China realizes the importance and has invested $52 Billion on “CPEC” in order to take advantage from the one of the world’s deepest port i.e.’Gawador Port’. Many countries of the world have shown the interest to become part of ‘CPEC’ like, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia and many others. On the contrary, India is engaged in spreading insurgencies in Baluchistan with the help of Afghanistan rather than taking advantage from ‘CPEC’ and shaking hands with Pakistan.

On the contrary, India started “Chabahar” project of $500 million which is immaterial against Chinese investment and has been flopped due to the deepest port of Pakistan. It is a well known fact that these two cannot move towards ‘GORILLA WAR’ due to the nuclear technology; however, India has 52 provinces and big in size, more resources, and military power than Pakistan but when we talk about the nuclear technology we are a head from India. Therefore, there is a need to revise the foreign policy by India and accept Pakistan with the core of its heart and develop trade relations with the closest neighbor. The political parties of both the countries should take measures by keeping their personal interest aside and try to develop harmony for each other by keeping in view the relation between Gandhi and Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah as both were the members of Congress and against Partition.

One of the Indian Writer in 1916 gave the title to Muhammad Ali Jinnah that:

“The ambassador of Hindu-Muslim Unity”

The alliance between these two will enhance the stability all over the Asia and open trade opportunities for Asian countries because when we talk about India and Pakistan, unintentionally we talk about their allies as well. The concept of globalization seems useless when we discuss in the context of these two countries; therefore, there is a need to put a full stop on insurgencies and insecurities between India and Pakistan. This is also in favor of resident of both countries from every aspect and subconscious demand of their people as well because they have realized that it is their need to secure their future and generations; furthermore, this will result in reduction of military expenditures of both the countries and there wouldn’t be a need to deploy more army on borders.

Together, they can work on many energy and development projects for the betterment of their people and future because their problems are similar and solution is also in their hands. As both are agricultural countries and have comparative advantage over another; therefore, by following specialization they can produce many crops in huge quantity and can easily exchange with each other, the production of extra quantity. Marine biology sector of both the countries will provide business opportunities to Fishers, because many fishers are imprisoned in both the countries due to unintentional crossing of sea borders in search of Fish.

From the above discussion, we can easily conclude the causes, effect, solution and importance of the friendship between Pakistan and India.