The Pomodoro Technique: Best technique to boost your productivity

I never informed about Pomodoro activity before. I got surprised and amazing when it going successfully to control on my habit of distracting from original work and provide maximum focus on work and allowing to complete work faster with less mental fatigue. Due to my time management and fully concentration on the work which reduce task time to 20 minutes instead of 40 minute which I usually experienced for same burden of task. I set time of 25 minutes for task of PW and 15 minutes break and repeat 4 times using Pomodoro technique. I experienced during techniques relax and freed my mind from burden of work and seems more creativity and fresh. Apart from It there face lot of challenges during this technique is distraction created by Fb and WhatsApp notification again and again however, I control this through using strategy to compete target and each PW is divided into segments which create some sort of competition work in my mind and thus it become important as compared to that notification and second thing next as I know there is after this 25 hour 10–15 minute is specially allocate for social media so it is another impression which make my concentration fully on PW. This is very good experience and technique and hope it will work well and help me lot for whole life when I got distracted from my work.