Medium is very… White.

This article seems less of an observation about Medium’s homogenous audience and Black folks’ underwhelming interest in reading, writing , and learning and more of a tantrum. A tantrum responding to feeling excluded from Black communities and not relating to mainstream (code for “commodified” or “stereotypical”) ideas of Blackness. I’ve been there before. I’ve been the Black girl reading Beowulf in advanced English classes while the rest of my Black peers where writing “What I ate for Thanksgiving” paragraphs in their regular English classes. (Let’s put a pin in the topic of racial tracking in Southern public education.)

But here’s the thing: it simply isn’t true our community places less value on reading, writing, and learning as our White peers. There’s a rich history of manipulating access to an education as a means to freedom (from slavery), physical and social mobility, and self-empowerment. Look to slave narratives, Malcolm X.’s transformation in prison, Ida B. Wells’ career as a journalist campaigning against lynching for examples.

Also, your article neglects to acknowledge the following: there are significantly less Black folk in this country than White; Black people don’t have the multi-dimensional visibility/representation in media as White folk. Your perception of Black communities value of education is less about us and more about the two realities I mentioned previously.

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