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Ten Reasons to Visit Virginia to Celebrate Shakespeare’s Legacy Year

Virginia? Why Virginia to celebrate 2016? Scholars and fans around the world are ready to celebrate 400 years since Shakespeare’s death. Here’s why Virginia, and the American Shakespeare Center, is the place to visit.

  • Virginia’s American Shakespeare Center (ASC) is home of the only re-creation in the world of Shakespeare’s indoor theatre, the Blackfriars Playhouse. Future plans include a re-creation of Shakespeare’s outdoor theatre, the 1614 Globe.
  • Virginia’s ASC is the only Shakespeare theatre in the world producing plays 52 weeks/year. ASC also mounts more new productions of plays by Shakespeare and his contemporaries than any company in the United States. (Here’s what’s playing now.)
  • Virginia’s ASC has the widest range of education programs — youth, higher education, professional, and life-long — truly something for every family member.
  • Virginia’s ASC has raised the bar for professional performing arts in the Commonwealth; it leads the way making the Shenandoah Valley competitive with the Berkshires as a scenic and historic East Coast destination renowned for the performing arts.
  • Virginia’s ASC is America’s bridge between the theatre of Shakespeare and the theatre of tomorrow, between scholar and the actor, between the performer and the audience, and between the voices of the past and minds of the future.
  • Virginia’s ASC (with Mary Baldwin College) offers America’s leading dramaturgy training in Renaissance theatre and the only masters program anywhere for graduate students who want to teach, direct, and/or act Shakespeare.
  • Virginia’s ASC helps its audience regain the joys of Shakespeare’s language and remember his language is their own through its performance practices.
  • Virginia’s ASC attracts scholars from around the world to its bi-annual Blackfriar’s Conference, to its Actors’ Renaissance Season, and annual programs for teachers and professors.
  • Virginia’s ASC in partnership with Staunton, Augusta County, and the Commonwealth has provided a national model for the arts as an economic generator and has helped make Staunton “one of the best small towns in America,” according to the Smithsonian.
  • …and of course, 2016 is the best time to attend the festival in downtown Staunton celebrating Shakespeare’s life, Saturday, April 23rd!
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