At the age of 71, I can genuinely say that I have lived a fulfilling life. Some people never get to experience all the things I’ve had the opportunity to. After my earning my Undergraduate degree, I chose to move home to attend Law school in order to be closer to my friends and family. It was the best and worst choice of my life. Best because Alexis thankfully stuck by my side as my bestfriend all these years. We have taken trips together, raised children toegther, and even moved out of state together through it all she has been there. Worst because although, I am successful in my career, allowing my family to play a large role in where I started my career hindered my initial progress and delayed my success. I graduated Howard Univeristy in 2016 with a degree in Administration of Justice. Right after undergrad I married my husband ( Howard man, who would of thought) and together we had 5 beautiful children. Raising them put a few things on held but they are my biggest accomplishments. Yes, everything did not go my way but no tears here though. I am the top lawyer in my firm. I work alongside my older sister. It is a love/hate partnership. One should be warned against mixing business with family. Someone should tell her eldest has no space in the workplace. The different roads my life has taken has taught me to not be discouraged when there is a curve. Through these years I have grown to believe in a higher power and depend on my spiritual guidance to get me through. At times my career needs collide with my family needs, my spiritual with my social. My job may need be overtime, but my babies may need mommy to nurse them back to health. I know where I stand spiritually but I sometimes may put myself in the wrong social settings just to have an outlet. I find the balance when I think about what each means to me and how losing it will affect me. I have had so many great things in my life as a long as I maintain a balance I won’t have to lose any of them. My life has been what I made it and it has been awesome. To me, she was a breathtaking mosaic of the battles she’s won.