Summer Madness — An Erotic Short

I used to flirt with this young and pretty thang who came to the administrative building I worked at from time to time for principal’s meetings. Whenever she passed by me at the security station, she made it a point to make sure she showed off the outfit she wore for that day. For the sake of protecting the not-so-innocent, we’ll call her Synammon, or Syn.

Now, I usually didn’t mix business with pleasure, but she was worth the trouble I might have gotten into for even breathing in her direction. The District had a policy about relationships between employees, and there was the potential for things to go left if one of us cut off the mutually beneficial arrangement that could quickly develop.

Shawty was hawt; the shoe game was crazy, and I couldn’t remember the last time she wore a pant suit, either. Not that I minded all that much; she was proud of her legs and ass, and she had every right to be.

You know how the summer goes; prime time for flings and passing fancies, so I knew if I stepped to her, it would only be temporary, so I had to make a lasting impression. That was fine with me, though; she was a principal and we wouldn’t see each other as often once the school year began.

The funny part was she was unwittingly in competition with my regular office flirt — we’ll call her Caramel, or Cara — who was one of the executive assistants I’d been teasing and pleasing for the past year. She knew my new infatuation was a little loose (the rumor mill is thick inside the District) and she was feeling some kinda way about the attention I was getting and giving.

“I don’t like the way she stares at you. If anyone is going to have you, it’s going to be me.”

“You know better than that. You know how I roll.”

“But I want some of that dick, first. I earned it, she can’t have it yet.”

I’m giving her the side-eye; my Beloved is the only one who could check me about a bitch I want to fuck, and after I showed her a picture of Syn, all my Beloved said was, “Make sure she thinks about you every time she walks.”

“She’s gonna get it, and you’re going to listen to her while she’s getting it.” I wasn’t in the mood to play games with Cara. She was married; her husband would put her through a wall if she even thought about another man, so there was never a threat to the pouting she was doing right now. Besides, I hadn’t had a principal before and Syn was ripe for the taking. I had a weakness for café-au-lait, and I wasn’t exactly talking about coffee.

“But…I need to feel it. I don’t want to hear you fucking her.”

“Either you listen so you can fuck my pussy thinking about it while you’re fucking your husband tonight, or you can decide not to hear about it and we can cut this here and now and keep it moving. Your choice.”

The Alpha in me rose to the surface and was on full display. A quick nod from her prompted a call to locate Syn and let her know that there was an issue with her vehicle and she needed to come out right away.

I waited until Syn got out to her car, and I thanked the gods she wore a skirt again today; this made this tryst sweeter. Couple that with her car being parked in a blind spot between the camera lines of sight, and the perfect storm had been created.

She bent over to reach for something inside her SUV, and before she knew it, I’d lifted her skirt and slid her thong to the side, slipping a finger inside to feel how wet she was. She shuddered for a moment, and in the next moment I thought she would tell me to stop or slap me to tell me I’d violated her space and I’d be staring down the barrel of harassment charges or worse.

Instead, she gyrated her hips to take more of my long fingers inside her.

“I thought you’d never come get it.”

“You never told me I could get it. I had to take a chance and take it.”

“You can get it any time you want it, sexy. Take it…now.”

The entire time I took her doggiestyle in the heat of the night, Cara was in one of the private restrooms inside the building, playing with her pussy as she listened to Syn getting fucked. Hearing Cara cumming while Syn took every inch of my dick was enough for me to explode in minutes.

As we cleaned up and straightened out our clothes, Syn stared into my eyes like she didn’t want things to end before they could really begin. I smiled; I knew something she didn’t know.

“You’ll know where and how to find me if you ever feel the need to schedule a principal’s conference. After all, my daughter attends your school.”

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