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This post is simply to explain why we are building Tradeplan.co and the problem it solves. Both the motivation and the frustration behind the idea.

As a full-time 9 to 5 job worker doing swing trading crypto on the side using a simple technical indicator, I made a decent amount of profit but as the saying goes, rising wave lifts all boat.

What I thought was my awesome trading strategy was simply the bull market. …

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As a founder am sure we all heard to build something that the user needs and avoid build it and they will come strategy. But logically thinking if you have a problem that none of the existing solutions solve then what do you do.

Sure the simple next step would be to make an MVP landing page and see if others have the same problem. But what if the key benefit of your project is related to the UX of the app.

For example what if you find all the mailing services complicated such as MailChimp and Convertkit and you think this is not up to the level of an average non-marketer level and you think you can dumb it down and make the UX 10 time better. …

If you trade in any asset class, it’s highly likely you hear of technical indicators. As indicated by the title, today I will share a few quick basic methods of how to use MACD.

MACD is known as Moving Average Convergence Divergence. It’s calculated using 2 Moving average. One is known as the MACD line and the other as MACD Signal.

They are many ways you can use MACD but to keep this post simple and small we will talk about only 2methods.

Cross Overs:

It’s simple and it works, Most of the time.

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MACD Crossovers

Once you plot a MACD on a chart you will start to notice a direct correlation of the price changes with the MACD crossovers. It might not work all the time and that’s normal. The purpose of MACD is to help reduce the noise from the sound. …


Mohammed Shakil

@shakks , 2 Minutes reads ! Founder @ www.tradeplan.co , www.tradeplan.io ,www.cryptohodl.in

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