The story behind my own Crypto Scanner — TradePlan

Trading Crypto is as simple as buying low and selling high but then why do many still lose money knowing this fact.

The question is how do you know if the price has hit the low or the high.

Technical Indicator, Price Action, and Money management help find those high and low and make money.

Personally, for me my best entry was when EMA of Close price crossed above EMA of Open price for the same length with MACD in Bullish territory.

I backtested it and found it worked well for many entries, there were a few misses which happened due to low volumes.

The question was how will I find crypto whose EMA, MACD & Volume match my specific conditions.

That's why I am working to build a tool that helps me and others find the crypto that matches there technical conditions in time.

Also, I didn't find any way for me to track individual coins. I remember owning a few ETH and normally I sell them once there price crosses below EMA(20, Open) but I didn't know this in time and hours later I had to exit at a loss. I wasn't aware even when I know what to look for.

Knowledge is good but a tool that makes it easy to implement that knowledge gives you the edge,

TradePlan aims to help traders find that opportunity using technical indicators.

Do you know which crypto’s price just crossed below its EMA(20, close) in the 4Hr chart as your reading this post?

Which crypto’s RSI(20, Close) just crossed 30 in the 1Days chart and greater than 50 in the 1Hr chart at the same time.

TradePlan helps you answer those questions and any other question that you might have. The following are the key value proposition of TradePlan.

Scan Premade Scanner

The first thing the uses see when he opens the app is the Premade Scan for them to just click and Run the Screener.

Premade Crypto Scans

All the Premade Scan are based on the most used Filter traders use such as MACD crossovers, RSI Over Sold/Over Bought and much more all premade to help you find the right crypto.

Technical Indicator alerts for individual Crypto

TradePlan doesn’t only help you scan the exchanges, it also helps you track your favorite crypto. Lets that you want to know when BTCUSDT’s RSI crosses 30 and stays there for 3 consecutive days. Instead of manually check for it. Let TradePlan keep an eye out for you. It will notify you as and when your alert condition is fulfilled.

Create Custom Search Scans

You can create custom Scans to filter and find crypto based on your favorite technical indicator.

Select the indicator then choose the condition and finally select the indicator you want to compare the first indicator too.

Create Custom Technical Indicator Scans

For example, if you’re looking for MACD crossover.

Choose MACD Line then Cross Above and then MACD Signal as shown.

Edit Indicator setting and Condition Time frame

You can edit the timeframe for which your scanning. Different time frames for better scans.

Not only that, edit the indicator setting to create an endless combination of scan possibilities.

Edit the Timeframe and Indicator Setting

Don't want to scan the RSI for Close! Try Open.

Don't like 14 candle length! Try 20.

Your indicator, your choice.

Get Notified when an opportunity is found.

Let say you run the search scan but find no results. No problem.

Set the notification ON and TradePlan will keep scanning in the cloud and notify you when any result matching your conditions are found.

Know when it happens, get an alert notification

No more waiting and checking mobile 24/7 for indicator crossovers. We do it for you and inform you right in time for you to take action.

We know how it feels to knowledge but lack the tools to help find those hidden opportunities using your knowledge.


Can user Trade Crypto from TradePlan?

No, It doesn’t let you trade from the tradeplan app. It's a trade assist app similar to Blockfolio, Coinmarketcap, and Delta.

Does TradePlan need my exchange API keys?

No, We don't track your portfolio or balance of the user so there is no need to give us your API key. In the future version, we might include a feature where you can track your portfolio directly using read on API.

Which all Exchanges will be Available in TradePlan?

TradePlan beta version will include the Binance exchange at launch. More exchanges will be added soon after.

Which devices will TradePlan be available on?

The app will launch in Android first, an iOS and Web version will be released soon after.

Check out or connect with us on twitter to know more.

TradePlan aims to help reduces the time and effort you spend to find and track crypto for trading.



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