Save your iPhone from Battery Drain — iOS 10 is a major ’16 release

All the iPhone, iPad, and iPod buyers dependably grumble about the Apple’s snappy battery drain. The engineers at Apple Inc. are working day and night to resolve this issue yet at the same time they failed to yield any positive outcomes. The most recent version of iOS i.e. iOS 10 comes stacked with some enhanced features that assistance in sparing the battery hitherto at the same time these are insufficient to keep the gadget running throughout the day.

In this blog, you will read about five studies through which you can spare the battery drain and will be ready to use your iOS gadget all day long.

Background App Refresh

There are various iOS applications which invariably run in the background. All things considered, these are key offenders that bear the most accountability of battery drainage. The Background App Refresh feature enables these applications to run at the back-end due to which apps constantly invigorate the content through Wi-Fi or cellular data. To cripple it: visit Settings > General > Background App Refresh > Turn Off.

Location-Tracking Apps

Numerous applications like Google Maps, Facebook, along with the iOS Camera constantly track the user’s location. To save your iPhone or any iOS device battery you just need to turn off the Location Services. It is mainly done by going on: Settings > Privacy > Location Services > disable/turn off. Elsewise, you can one by one disable the location function of particular apps.


Apple introduced lots of new animations and a parallax feature which seems like the backdrop is in motion behind the application drawer. However, this feature too gobbles up the battery. The iPhone app developers are working hard to make these actions smooth and less battery using. On the off chance that you don’t prefer this functions, you can turn it off by clicking on Settings > General > Accessibility and click Reduce Motion to “off.”

Automatic Updating

The new release of iOS, version 10 automatically downloads all the app updates at whatever point they are connected to the Wi-Fi or Cellular Data. Albeit it’s a smart function, but if the user wants his device battery to run all day he would not like this feature. To disable this feature, click on settings > iTunes and Apple Store and turn off the Updates.

Turn off AirDrop

AirDrop authorises users to rapidly impart files to one’s which are connected to the same network. Though, when you are not practising it, save your battery by turning it off so that your Smartphone last for a whole day. Click on the Control Centre and turn it off.

Winding -Up

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