success in my pocket

Success,successful …this word keeps lingering in our minds at some point in our life. We hear many success stories of people, but I have one question-


The reason is ,we have to create our own love stories, write our own journey, DEFINE WHAT IS SUCCESS FOR US FROM OUR OWN WIKIPEDIA OF THINGS? A journey always starts with destination in mind, same here sweetheart, we need our own idea and aim. The next question is, HOW DO WE GAIN EDGE OVER IT? Whenever we have an idea, we need to plan the resources to accomplish it. To plan resources we need to know about them. Then we need to decide based on feasibility and our instinct. The next step, analytics in our journey.

PAUSE-THINK-ANALYSE-PLAY sounds like playing an mp3 right ! but this motto helps us to reduce mistakes and also helps us open to new paths, opportunities meeting one’s eye.

How does this motto help??? sometimes at a point, we put our endless effort, we do not pause to see if we are travelling in right direction. That’s the time for a pause. At that instant, we need to think about the direction and also whether our efforts are up to the mark. Here comes analysis.

How should our work be? Should it be perfect ? Or appealing to our heart? The work done in each step towards our destiny should not only be perfect but also satisfying. ONE SHOULD DEVELOP A LANGUAGE BETWEEN HIMSELF AND HIS MIND. We grow consciously unconsciously like this. This helps us to stay calm and not panic. It also helps in flow of fresh ideas and fresh energy. It also helps us maintain good mental stability.

I say apart from analytical step, we all end at same point, getting blueprint ready. We have done this a billion times, we all make good schedules, but blueprint doesn’t drive us to our destiny, only when it is implemented.

IMPLEMENTATION IS WHAT THAT MATTERS. The only point where many success tales are written. Generally, an ideology exists FOCUS AND PASSION, with these we can accomplish anything in life. True, but these are very tricky, they easily run away from us. WE HAVE TO INCORPORATE THESE INTO OUR DAILY ROUTINE. It should be more of AS WE EAT, TEXT, ACHIEVE! We must constantly self motivate ourselves whenever our batteries are down .The energy with which we work also plays an important part, fresh energy accelerates us. The fresh energy increases the flavour of our efforts,from bitter to sweet,whatever you like.

These challenges help in activating different instincts and also lift our spirits. These also act as break from our constant work.

Year 2017, things change in blink of eye, so we may also reach our aim. What if the destiny is great but not so big, not very impactful as it once used to be. Now what? Its like we have done our best, what went wrong? Things change with time, sometimes slowly as a boring movie, or rapidly as a favourite web series episode. This is the same with our strategies and sometimes our goals, they should change with time and scenario. Enhancing our weakness and strengths is very important as we ride on. WE should try out of box strategies in our implementation, as it helps us to stand out amongst the crowd. Now we have reached our stop, what’s next???

Early victories often lead us to our dangerous friends, overconfidence and pride. These can very easily get us off our ride. So always think that you have something to shoot for. This will keep you away from these new friends.


Originally published at on July 14, 2017.

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