Utilizing Lockdown: Blind Sqli leads to Account Takeover & Data Extraction

Hello Hunters,

This is Shakti Ranjan Mohanty a security researcher from Odisha. This write-up is all about my last finding on which i was able to Takeover the Administrative account and was able to extract data. Later I got rewarded with 🤑🤑1400€🤑🤑

Awarded Bounty

I am on to this field from past 2 to 3 years. As i am professionally a security analyst, i couldn’t afford time towards Bug hunting. Whenever i find some time from the professional life, i give all the time towards Bug hunting. During this pandemic situation, Corporate sectors are providing Work from Home and I got a lot of time to Boost myself & For Bug Bounty.

I was eyeing on a private program which was a medical management application(i.e. redacted.com). I checked their policies and got to know that all the subdomain(*.redacted.com) are out of scope, only redacted.com is in scope. The Organisation is giving priorities towards user information. Going Out of the Box, I thought to test its out of scope subdomains because those are the domains which aren’t tested by anyone. I started recon with Amass & Assetfinder and got a lots of subdomains. I harvested 30 subdomains, checked each subdomain and finally got a subdomain( m***.redacted.com ). It has a Login page for an Administrative Doctor. I gave a single quote() as a value on the user id & password parameter. I got an SQL Error, i was bit excited. I tried with 1’ or ‘1’=’1 to bypass the Login, But failed. The failed response to login request was ‘200 Ok’. Then without wasting time i fired up Burp Intruder having Blind Sqli payloads, and got a response with ‘302 found’. I cross checked with the succeed Payload ‘)) or ((‘x’))=((‘ by giving

Userid=’)) or ((‘x’))=((‘ &Password=’)) or ((‘x’))=((‘


I was Successfully logged in to the administrative account. There are lots of admin functionality now i can access, like adding blogs, adding/deleting members, uploading/viewing receipts.

But the problem was the administrative subdomain in which i have admin access was out of scope, but their priority was user’s information. So i thought if i’ll get the database then it will leave an impact on declining the report as N/A. I tried to dump data from the database manually through the
“userid” and “password” parameter (Result= Failed),fired up Sqlmap and tried to dump database (Result=failed). Then i thought of finding some hidden parameters from the accessed admin panel. I started digging more paths through burp spider, after some time i got a path m***.redacted.com/ImagingCenter/MailingList.php?personID=1&lang=en&navigation=1&namesOnly=1&view=board

With the help of Sqlmap, I also get the database and the Vulnerable param was “personID” and the database was MySql.

Yesssss…Now i had data of all users, members, students and other stuffs.

Everything was on my fever, I thought of trying uploading a malicious file on the upload section, for which i seek their permission but they denied to do so.

Reported the bug: 5/11/2020, 7:28:34 PM

Bug Accepted: 5/12/2020, 12:50:43 PM

Triaged & Status Changed from High to Critical: 5/12/2020, 12:50:51 PM

Bounty Time with A little Tragedy: 1400 €

Reply from the Organisation

Thank You for reading…..

….Love you 3000…

For you: You Are 1337 on your own way


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