Dancing For Hillary Clinton

When Barack Obama won the presidential race on November 4, 2008, my Brooklyn neighborhood exploded with glee. Once Ohio turned blue and catapulted Obama past the threshold of 270 electoral votes — we heard what felt like a nationwide call to celebrate! We went outside to join our neighbors who were dancing in the streets. In my diverse neighborhood, we were celebrating the first black president — and celebrants of all ethnicities felt the magnitude of the moment.

We danced as horns honked. We cheered with every passing car. Pots and pans were banging, people of all ages were out yelling YES WE CAN and YES WE DID! We danced in anticipation of his ambitious platform and boundless talent. And I would still dance just as hard looking back on his legacy today.

I want that dancing on the street again when and if we elect Hillary Clinton.

I know I’ll be dancing. Who’s with me?

Because if/when we finally break through that ultimate glass ceiling and elect a woman president of the United States, that moment should be celebrated. And without any apologies like ‘I know she’s not perfect but…’ or ‘She isn’t my first choice…’ or ‘I don’t always agree with her…’ Seriously — I think the first song I’ll play is “Shut Up and Dance!” Because this woman is our destiny.

Have any of you ever agreed with a politician 100% of the time? I haven’t.

Right now everyone’s hot for revolution. But what would be a greater shake-up to the status quo than electing the first female Commander in Chief?

If you’re skeptical that electing a woman is a revolutionary act, then check out the other candidate — that carnival barker who’s attracting almost half of the electorate. His supposed ‘change’ motto is ‘make America great again.’ Do you think that vision of America includes women or people of color at the helm? Remember that Trump tweeted that women in the military among men should expect sexual assault. He brought Rosie O’Donnell up in the first presidential debate just to characterize her as somebody who “deserves” verbal assault. And when defending his remarks about Alicia Machado on Fox News, he characterized her as “the absolute worst” for gaining weight, accusing Hillary of talking “about her as though she were Mother Theresa.” In Trump’s world a woman must apparently be Mother Theresa and/or fit, or else deserve the wrath of his hypocritical judgment. You bet I’ll dance if more Americans vote for Hillary than that sexist rodeo clown.

And no — this dance party is not JUST because Hillary Clinton is a woman. If/when she wins, I will be dancing in anticipation of her progressive platform, which includes guaranteed paid family leave, compassionate immigration reform, a commitment to the environment, investments in jobs and infrastructure, criminal justice reform, LGBT rights, a woman’s right to choose, gun control and more, all detailed on her website. I will be celebrating her competency and detailed understanding of foreign policy and nuanced approach to terrorism at home and abroad. I will be relieved that we elected somebody who is committed to our alliances across the globe.

And I’ll be rocking out with admiration of her lifelong experience in public service — including her commitment to the betterment of the lives women and girls around the world.

Still need coaxing to shake your patriotic thing? Still feeling like the woman who in 1995 declared that “human rights are women’s rights and women’s rights are human rights” is too establishment for you?

If/when Hillary wins — that will mean that we as a nation will have chosen democracy over the race-baiting fascist who usurped the Republican party. We will have chosen the leader who will uphold our constitution; including our freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of the press. We will have defeated the megalomaniac who gleefully mocks these freedoms. His efforts to manipulate us into believing democracy is failing us will have failed. And equality will be reinforced by the first female president. Wave your pocket constitutions in the air — and shake your freedoms like you definitely do care.

Of course, this patriotic rave will only be possible if we elect the smartest girl in the class over the school bully. In the schoolyard, the bullies win… but in the adult world, valedictorians prosper. Have we matured enough as a nation to vote ‘studies-for-the-test-substance’ over ‘cowardly-and-overcompensating-style’? Or is the fact that she is a woman still disqualifying for too many voters, despite her massive amounts of experience?

Let’s be honest. You may feel apathetic now. But if Voldemort defeats Hermione — none of us will feel like dancing. It’s not too late to support Hilary with gusto. Can we please energize each other to do the work now so we can dance later? I am daring every progressive I know to get this Democratic party started.

You down with HRC? Yeah you know me!

I get that feminism is often met with eye-rolls — but anyone who knows me knows eye-rolls have never stopped me from dancing.

Fellow democrats — don’t leave me dancing alone.

Independent Filmmaker best known for writing and directing THE TOLLBOOTH, currently in development for her next feature film, MALLWALKERS.

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