It’s interesting that they’ve all been republicans.
Middle Aged Morticia

Hmmm… I don’t think so… regarding your comments… so prove them.

Our collective future DEPENDS on our knowledge of what’s happening, not stuff masquerading as “facts” throughout the country because Fox news writes about it, or the President tweets or blusters about something, or Briebart news reports it.

Trump always has and currently makes outrageous claims about many things; consistently about Hillary during the campaign. Rather than showing any leadership skills, he continues to show up as a true huckster/shyster/conman — but he’s our prez, so there’s that.

Read the following and tell me what you’ve posted here remains true. And please, if you have proof of your allegations, share them. It’s ideal for me, as an American, for our president NOT to be a complete wingnut/foreign govt. deal maker/criminal. I do want to know the truth as you see it b/c you are also an American and we have to find common ground. Right?! Thanks!


“ found. The Clinton campaign said Clinton herself was not involved in the State Department’s review and did not direct the department to take any position on the sale of Uranium One. Matters of the CFIUS did not rise to the level of the secretary, the campaign said.”


“As PolitiFact found, the majority of these donations were made before and during Clinton’s 2008 presidential run. So Trump’s claim that Hillary Clinton “gave [uranium to] Russia for a big payment” is not accurate.”


“After the Russians announced that they would acquire stakes in Uranium One, and while the Kremlin was promoting the purchase, Bill Clinton received $500,000 in 2010 for a speech in Moscow from a Russian investment bank that had ties to the Kremlin. Putin personally thanked Clinton, the Wall Street Journal reported, adding that a review of Bill Clinton’s speeches “found no evidence that speaking fees were paid to the former president in exchange for any action by Mrs. Clinton.”


“In 2010, the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States approved the sale of the majority of the shares to the Russians. The State Department was one of nine agencies on the committee that approved the deal. The deal was also separately approved by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.”


“Trump names Hillary Clinton as the active agent in the Uranium One deal, saying she “gave them” or “handed over” uranium to the Russians, but that is not the case. Then, he further claimed the sale went forward in exchange “for a big payment.” There’s no evidence for that claim either.”

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