Harder than I thought
Psych Mommy

This is a wonderful article, which compelled me to tell you that I love your expression entirely. Honestly, I wish more parents did so. As a single mama (with now, grown children who have their own children), there wasn’t a word for how tired I felt while I raised them — and honestly, I received more criticism than praise from anyone. My love for my children was the only thing that kept me going, as the position offered no pension, respect, income or supportive input for the full time job of raising the next generation. Sadly, you won’t get it either, unless the world suddenly starts respecting the job of parenting.

You hit this subject squarely on the head, with candor and kindness. Your daughter will provide you with numerous grey hairs, but she will also offer you the greatest perspective on how powerful you are. Of course, being powerful and feeling that way escapes most of us while we are actually doing “the thing”. I merely wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you & your loving efforts as your daughter’s mama… and I understand the struggle too. Blessings…

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