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These are unprecedented times in our history where we are assaulted by the horror of tragic data. For those who are carrying out essential duties, nothing has changed. For those at the frontlines tending to the ever increasing sick and infirm, there is rising anxiety with the exponential ambiguity. For those who have lost jobs the tumble to the bottom of the maslow pyramid is downright shocking. For the majority of those who are working from home, life is surreal as they suddenly find themselves either learning new technology, reorganizing their space and finding ways to multitask at home.

Picture Credit: Art by Vladmir Kush

There is a always a sense of prophesy in the beginning of any good story. Some foretelling. Sometimes couched as a riddle. You have to unwrap the layers and travel to new places, physical or digital to figure out the answers to the clues.

Futurists provide predictions and scenarios of blue worlds, green worlds, red worlds and yellow worlds. Many startups cannot afford futurists. They have to depend on their genesis story. That kernel that contains the potential to either change the world or change their financial status.

“This will make us rich!” or “No one has done this before!”…

Shaku Selvakumar

Most recently, I ran marketing for an artificial intelligence software company. Startups or Fortune 100, I have lived in both worlds. Founder of Activateen

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