Kids Lives Matter in Pleasanton?

Kids’ lives do not seem to matter in the Pleasanton Unified School District (PUSD), California. I am a parent in Pleasanton concerned with PUSD not offering a full distance learning option. Instead PUSD wants the kids to be in-person at school even during the current pandemic as they feel, the best place for kids to learn is at school. There is no denying that school is the best place for kids during normal times. COVID-19 cases are rising at a record pace in California and even the governor Newsom reversed the reopening yesterday. The most important thing on everyone’s mind is health and safety. Distance Learning is a safer solution at this time until we figure out the global health crisis. Kids, teachers, staff, and parents’ lives are all important. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

PUSD is forcing parents to choose the “Hybrid Learning Model”, where kids are forced to go to school. In this model, kids will go to school either 2 days or 4 days a week and rest of the time they will do distance learning. Many parents were shocked by the PUSD’s proposal without a mitigation plan. Many parents are losing sleep over their proposal. As per California Education code “To have a school environment for their child that is safe and supportive of learning”. At PUSD, parents do not have voice and leverage in their children’s education.

PUSD is not giving the option to the parents to choose between school and distance learning. The Superintendent of PUSD strongly believes that students will be successful in school. The Superintendent and the Board of Trustees are risking the kids lives and are out of touch with reality. The situation is grave in California, in the absence of a treatment or vaccine.

Below are the concerns raised by parents:

  • PUSD does not have a mitigation plan for tracing, social distancing, washing, and masks

Our call for action for parents is to call, email board of trustees and elected representatives on this issue. In-person school is not the best solution at this time. We have reached out to the Governor’s office, US Senator, US Congressman, California State Senator, Assemblymember. We want PUSD to provide distance learning as an option.



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