DNAtix,an era of precision in medicine.


The DNATIX project and what it’s bringing into the field of medicine cannot be overemphasise, and I personally can’t be more proud because am also a medical doctor to be in the next one yr plus.
As a non medics, I know some of the things I would be saying about the great DNAtix project and how they aim to bring precision and also better the life of humanity may sound strange to you all non medics. But I will take my time in the next few paragraph to ensure that what these great project DNATIX is bringing is well understood and ensure you all are in the loop in terms of understanding the benefit they are bringing to our day to day life.

Have you heard about Alzheimer’s Disease? In brief its a progressive disease that destroys memory and other important mental functions. It has an early and late onset.
A child whose biological mother or father carries a genetic mutation for early-onset has a 50/50 chance of inheriting that mutation, now these is where DNATIX PROJECT comes into play, if any of your parent or a family member of yours actually died or is suffering from these disese and you are suspecting you maybe genetically predispose to having such kind of diseases also. You can get to submit your genome to the DNAtix project in exchange for money and your genome will be studied and access by third party company and at these point when the result of the accesment is out you get to know if there is a cause of alarm in which you need to take immediate care of or if you are in the safer part and not genetically predispose.

With this DNATIX just safe you the worries and financial burdens of knowing your present and future health status which ordinary you won’t have get to know probably till its late.
Another angle to look at the benefit of DNATIX PROJECT is to look at how they can bring ease and lesson the financial burden expecially among we medical geek. Just imagen doing a research as your final year project and you were asked to study the genome of let’s say the Asians and the Africa’s in other to find out what predisposes the blacks more to colonic cancer compare to the Asians, now imagine how much these would cost you in doing such kind of research considering the fact that as a student you have very limited resources or source of income, and you probably need to travel to two different continent just to get the information you need in other to satisfy your project, but with DNATIX PROJECT all the information will be at your finger tips because as a member you get all the donors you want from the platform at an unbelievably lower price compare to if you were to go in search of them.

The benefit is not only restricted to these sets of people, even those in the pharmaceutical industry have a lot to benefit because now they get access to all the different categories of samples they may require making there production precise and more effective to the particular groups of people it’s meant for.
You must agree with me that with DNATIX PROJECT genomics study is on a different level entirely,bringing,efficiency,accuracy and precision to your doorstep at a faster cheaper and less stressful pattern. And also at the same time bringing more of preventive medicine practice there by creating a world with less of disease burden and better health to our society.
With these landmark project, drug discovery and efficiency is on a different level by the utilisation of the blockchain technology.
Being a part of these project you are required to purchase the utility tokens(DNATIX Tokens) whose Presale is still on, with these token you can access the platform and use in carrying out any form of transaction on these platform.
These is the platform you should invest in, being a pioneer in bringing a world of our dream that would meet the requirements we have long awaited for.
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