Q: Where Can You Get Stock Images that Showcase Ethnic and Gender Diversity?
Dinah Davis

Hi Dinah: Thanks so much for the resources. There’s another website of diverse photos set to launch on August 21st of this year. I’ll share with you the email TONL sent me:

“We are excited to let you be the FIRST to know that TONL is launching on Monday, August 21st!

The biggest way you can help, is to search “culturally diverse photo stock” on Google daily if not weekly and click on our page which is currently on page 3 of the Google search page. When you click on our page, stay on it for 1–3 minutes. This engagement helps to keep us relevant on the web and in due time will move us to the first page. This is also helpful when you search “TONL” and click on our page.
 More ways to help? Keep talking about us! Word of mouth marketing has been the biggest way that we have been able to reach so many people and we owe that all to you. Please follow all of our social media pages (Twitter | Facebook | Instagram) and continue to like, comment and share our content. 
 We have so much more to share in the coming weeks! In the meantime, keep reading and sharing our #TONLNarratives at www.tonl.co/reveals
 Diversity matters,
 Karen Okonkwo & Joshua Kissi
 Founders | TONL, LLC”

I’m so excited that more and more choices for diverse photo stock are becoming available. Again, thanks for your article, Dinah — Shakurra

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