A wakeup call

Erstwhile, a friend of mine said, “If you can win his heart, definitely you can…” Well frankly, the composition itself is so off beam. For, the countrymen have made a race out of love. And it has been prevalent since ages, like the monarchs tried to win contests to marry a beautiful lady followed by gold, bloodshed and pride. Probably this phrase emerged as a consequence of the same.

This jet age is experiencing such competitive spirit that love is not an emotion but more of a trophy. And they have these uncanny concepts all and sundry. People who love more will lose. Those who stay will suffer. And those who chase their love will also lose. What the hell is this supposed to even mean? It’s not a battlefield or a tennis court! People are making up irksome baloney around something so pure and simple.

First of all, we can’t gauge love. We can’t weigh against love. Its neither qualitative nor quantitative. Love is there for us to feel and live and breathe and be happy. We all need to understand that love is supposed to be mutually mushy, soft, genuine, tender, colourful and absolutely not worth winning, losing or competing for.

And then there is internet; ruining minds like crazy. By posting stupid entries like — “Why people don’t fall for people who chase them.”, “10 ways to win her heart.”, “Tips to win over unrequited love”, and yeah, there’s a movie called “How to lose a guy in 10 days.” Amaze balls!

This is a wakeup call. The sanctity and the essence of something so dainty, is in danger. Love has become a meaningless mess. It’s not a game or a challenge. Kindly don’t track your layoffs and chances of winning him or her. No. Because, game theory should flunk here. Mathematics and numbers should bow down to love.

So give your heart and soul. Be there in times of need. Crack a few jokes. Ask them how was their day. Care. Empower. Support. Encourage. And no matter what, stay.

(with Ragamayee Petlu)