Our life is characterised by mystic incidents. A few light up the smiles, a few light up the hearts. It’s the reign of the vivid moments that we live in. The belleza of these few seconds can’t be expressed but just felt. Our eyes take us to the papertowns of city lights and violet hills.

The best time of your life is not in long hours but is braided by seconds. Especially, when spent with a love. The moments of togetherness create the best bokeh in the snapshot of our lives. Some around, some away. Some blurry, some focused. But all, scintillating!

Today, I’m here thinking of the dainty white dress and the daisies I’ll be tossing away 38 months later.

That moment will be our story some day. And in that story, we would be infinite. ❤

Originally published at on December 6, 2016.

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