How to Find the Best Piles Surgery Hospital for Your Needs

Piles, a commonly occurring ailment that affects both men and women. Also, known as hemorrhoids, these are swollen and painful tissues situated along the walls of the anus and rectum. Piles is typically characterized by extreme painful sensation while defecating and is often marked by the presence of blood.

Piles can be of different kinds and depending on their location, size as well as severity, you need to undergo piles treatment accordingly. Start with knowing the symptoms and then you need to know how to go about its treatment if detected.

What are the Symptoms for Piles?

Knowing the symptoms associated with the onset of piles can help you tackle the situation in an informed manner. Usually, constipation and stress are linked to the onset of this ailment. And the symptoms of piles would typically include swelling and itching in the rectal area, accompanied by bouts of pain and bleeding. Excessive strain due to chronic coughs and other medical conditions that considerably increase the pressure within the rectal region might result in the development of piles.

Treatment for Piles

Not all cases of piles would need surgical treatment. There are various methods other than piles operation that might be sufficient to take care of the condition.

There are various procedures for treating piles and the non-surgical methods include laser treatment, sclerotherapy or rubber band ligation methods. On the other hand, stapling and haemorrhoidectomy are the most popularly used procedures for piles surgery.

There are various hospitals all over the country and many reputed doctors who can be consulted for the effective treatment of piles. For the best treatment of piles, the foremost step is to ensure your exact condition as well as severity. Depending on that, the doctors can advise whether you need to go for surgery or your plies can be treated using non-surgical means.

Although the general methods of treating piles involve less pain and complications, piles surgery is known to deliver a better outcome if you consider the long run. But it is always advisable to seek medical advice from a reputable hospital like RG Hospital for best guidance on treating piles.

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