Do’s and Don’ts - Cataract Eye Surgery

cataract eye surgery

Do’s - Cataract Eye Surgery

1. Wash your hands before you instill eye drops. Always shake the eye drop bottle before use and follow the instructions to avoid any kind of infection or inflammation.

2. Keep a time gap in case of one or more eye drops and close the eye for 30 to 60 seconds immediately for the drops to absorb well.

3. Wear a protective eye cover or eye patch while sleeping to prevent from accidentally rubbing the operated eye.

4. Use UV protected sunglasses to protect your eye from direct sunlight as well as the harmful rays of the sun.

5. You can bathe and wash your hair the next day but try not to get the soap or water into the eye for at least one week.

6. You can eat everything after the surgery but try to stay away from foods that may cause constipation, to avoid forceful pressure during bowel movements.

7. Visit your eye specialist as per the advice for an evaluation. In case of any issue, it is advisable to consult the doctor as soon as possible.

Don’ts - Cataract Eye Surgery

1. Eye irritation, discharge after surgery, slight pain are common but try not to treat yourself. Do not rub or itch, you can take Paracetamol for pain but if the pain is not relieved, see the doctor.

2. Don’t bend from the waist to pick up anything as it can build pressure on your eyes. Try bending from knees.

3. Do not lift any heavy weights for a week after surgery. Avoid any kind of sports or strenuous exercises

4. Avoid outdoor activities and crowded or dusty places, as the eye is very sensitive and is prone to infection

5. For women patients, it is advisable to stay away from eye makeup or any kind of harmful chemicals for a week after surgery

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