Tips for Finding the Perfect Cosmetic Dentist

Here is a check list which may help looking for a perfect cosmetic dentist.

1. Educational Qualifications and Experience: Many dentists practice cosmetic dentistry to some extent, but not all of them may not have studied advanced cosmetic dentistry and are sufficiently experienced. If a good cosmetic dentist is whom you seek, see to it that their educational qualifications and experience reflect extensive work experience in cosmetic dentistry.

2. Proof of procedures done earlier: Even someone who understands very little about cosmetic dentistry can easily see the difference between teeth that are aesthetically pleasing and unattractive teeth. Look through the photos of a cosmetic dentist’s previous patients, and you will get an idea about what you can expect from him/her. No amount of terminology or theory can match the power of visuals and concrete results. If you like the results that previous patients got from a cosmetic dentist, it is a sign that you can expect good results from him/her. Most good cosmetic dentists will be more than happy to show you the photos of their previous patients.

3. Dental Material and Laboratory: A good cosmetic dentist will only use high-quality and up-to-date cosmetic dental material from a laboratory that is well-known and reputed. It is crucial that you enquire about the dental material used and the laboratory that they come from before choosing a cosmetic dentist.

4. Choosing the Right Option: There is no ‘one size fits all’ in cosmetic dentistry. There are multiple options for the improvement of one’s smile in cosmetic dentistry, and a good cosmetic dentist will see to it that you are presented with all the options. He/she will inform you about the relative merits and drawbacks of each option and help you to choose an option that is the best for your case.

5. Affiliations and Awards: As soon as you enter a cosmetic dentist’s office, look around and check for affiliations and awards. A good, qualified cosmetic dentist will usually have affiliations with leading professional associations, as well as awards — awards are a good indicator of the quality of the cosmetic dentist’s work.

6. Your rapport with the Cosmetic Dentist: A cosmetic dentist may be qualified and great at his/her work and be the winner of multiple awards, but if you feel the absence of a personal rapport with him, it would be wise to look for another cosmetic dentist. A good cosmetic dentist will not only be great at his work, but also take steps towards being a good listener and making his/her patients feel comfortable.

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