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Solange Is Better Than Beyonce

3 Biz Lessons Solange Can Teach Women Entrepreneurs

Many of us know that Solange is the little sister of SUPER STAR Beyonce, but many us didn’t know that she was uber talented in her own right. To be honest, I never listened to her music until yesterday. I fell in love with her sound on her new album “A Seat At The Table.” Her music touched me in a profoundly authentic way.

Here Are 3 Lessons Solange Can Teach Women Entrepreneurs:


I love Beyonce AND Solange. They are totally different and amazing in their own right. I refuse to compare the two and so should you. Comparison is a deadly game to play in life and business. It robs you of your greatness. Solange is not better than Beyonce and Beyonce isn’t better than her.

Choosing to create instead of competing with others leads me to the next lesson.


It took courage for Solange to step out of Beyonce’s shadow. She chose to wear her hair differently and simply not be the industry norm. That took courage because it was expected for Solange to emulate her big sister. You, too, must display courage in being the REAL you.

Sounds good, but how do you be the “real” you and have a meaningful impact? This leads me to the third lesson.


“The Solange Effect” is my term for the “Blue Ocean Strategy.” This strategy encourages you to DIFFERENTIATE yourself and get creative to penetrate a NEW market.

Think of it like this, Beyonce is the Atlantic Ocean. She dominates. It’s ultra competitive and bloody. Solange learns from this ocean, but she decides to venture out to the Pacific Ocean and dominate it. The waters are blue there because there isn’t any competition and she can stand out in the crowd.

Solange can totally occupy that space and give birth to something fresh and exciting… like her unique sound. Below, you can check out her video for “Cranes In The Sky.”

I hope you have enjoyed these 3 lessons from Solange. Let me know how you can use them in your business.

Click here to see my video on this topic.

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