Conversational User Interface

I saw a good story in Medium about the decline of text/image based UI and the rise of voice command driven interfaces with technology. That was fascinating though I am personally a text command person and think that it would be faster that way compared to saying many phrases awkwardly for the AI device to understand what the hell I am trying to say. Also, I think voice and speech in general should be free and not necessarily try to conform to formats and templates. With form and text based templates, that is the major advantage. But then the humanity is also notoriously diverse. So there is no one size fits all. There are lots of people out there who like voice driven things rather than having to input text or view images or video.

So I think it is just going to be one of those things which will have its own pros and cons and will be a good solution for certain test cases or case studies. To apply where it is needed is something that the humans will have to determine. And there are going to be evangelists on both ends trying to push things there way. As is the fun in all things technology or really any human endeavor for that matter.

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