Why Switzerland is the Happiest Country in the World
Jillian Richardson

I think there are many things here. But I will focus on the question in the title. Being Happy also comes from having lot of $. Swiss have a strong currency vs $ and the main reason is that the continous inflow of capital from corrupt politicians of foreign nations who are able to stash the illgotten wealth secretively there. That itself is highly illegal and immoral. Swiss also exports huge number of weapons which is also missed out. Chemicals and instruments and many other things where they take hard working american jobs.. again missed! I could go on and on about these factors in your rather highly superficial analysis based on a 5 day vacation but I am not going to critique you and this is medium .. so … Anyhow, there is one topic on diversity. The comments here seem to dispute it and is more enlightening coming from locals but on diversity one particular thing that many people ask is “why diversity” .. well, then why do such high number of swiss can be found in USA ? They are disproportionately higher. Compared to say Chinese, Philipines, Indians, Mexicans, Brazilians who have higher populatio but are under 1% in US, swiss-americans have extremely high % and have been migrating to US without restrictions for centuries now .. so where is diversity in that case ? Or is it that whether it is diversity or lack of it, anything is fine as long as you are white and have $$ ?? Anyway this post is likely targeted for lightweight reading ..