Dating a Muslim in a country that hates them
Vaishnavi Suresh

  1. I thought I will ignore this but surprisingly saw this in medium so thought will respond. Based on your writings, sorry to say this, but there is clear lack of maturity which is something that is really required before forming something serious like a long term relationship.
  2. Love is not something that only young folks or certain types of folks get or happen to them .. it is totally random and in most cases if not all, one has to also work towards it and marriage/life/relationships all require a good amount of work. In india of today, understanding all this in full context and full extent requires a bit of maturity, clarity, understanding, patience and a host of other character building traits which also requires time.
  3. It is very easy to do social engineering, especially in Indian cities ( I know, I grew up in a big one with Tambrams etc. and a lot of societal aspects are quite similar and only as simple or complex that one’s mind has the ability to make it ) .. real science/math/real art and real any field of study requires a lot of discipline and effort. Building a blog like Medium or Internet or satellite or GPS or maps or apps or really anything .. more hard work than some inspiration and creativity. Anyways I digress but that is something that made me understand why many people born after 1975 have a very disposition and set of beliefs.
  4. Life is hard and complex. For many people and in many countries. I can tell on behalf of India and US but based on my experience I can extend that to a lot of western nations and countries that I think are similar to India like Thailand/Nepal/Singapore etc. Hinduism is way very loose when it comes to tying things together and is one of the primary reason why India suffers for so long. Christianity is close second but I think there are castes in it, also known as churches and denominations, and many of them are quite tight in their interpretation of religion and life. Which is why they went to build institutions and innovations and countries. In the grand scheme of things, I see very very few coming from Muslim or Islam coming to that heights for quite some centuries. Maybe once a long long time ago they did but muslims now are pretty much in the bottom of the world ladder except in India where some leftist, elitist, self hating, self loathing, will-critisize my people/birth religion, negative minded people will extall them so that can feel better. They live on this projections — this is nothing new and has happened a lot in past — see the bollywood khans and their muslim wives — and these women think somehow this will compensate or make their life better. It does not. Just like it will not even if you had married some hapless brahmin boy. It is just that such stupid thoughts come out and such stories come out .. and that makes and centrist rational minded person sound bitter and negative. I have had few close and famous muslims on good relations and it never ever crossed our paths they follow a certain faith that is different than me. Same goes for christians too. Of course there are some cases in all religions. But overall I almost always find way less in hindu set of religions like sikhs or jains and buddhists and maybe a bit more in indian christians but in similar portions in american christians ( now that is a whole different history and topic so I dont want to analyse that! ) but boy when it comes to muslims almost all secular and religions minded people agree it save some people and unfortuntely this author/OP seems to be in that category. Instead of hating Indian hindus, have you ever read the indian history and asked why majority of sane people in this world even say “Ohhh” in first place ? The problem is not them .. it is your immature question. In a week, when muslim pakistani terrorists crossed border and killed 18 Indian soldiers. Those things are not different. A mind needs to maturity to discern such things. I feel only bad for those soldiers dying for freedom for people like you with such poisonous mind and poisonous way of life. Anyway, I guess it is individual choice and I am no one to lecture about that. I could easily take apart each and every sentence in that article. But then what difference is that going to make ?? People are going to do whatever the fuck they want to do and then rationlize it later. I had near 0 hope for India and that thing is going fast to 0…
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