Brand Owned Fashion Mags Stand Out

Fashion magazines line the shelves of check out isles and news stands. When deciding between the many glossy covers, do you choose Vogue because its classic, Allure because it is relatable, or Harper’s Bazaar because its elegant? There are so many options that just have slight differences. Brands are now trying to penetrate this market and produce their own fashion magazines tailored specifically for their audience.

All fashion publications are centered on one thing: shopping. A lot of brands started with blogs and then they blogs turned into hard copy magazines. Brands like J Crew, Top Shop, Kate Spade and Alice+Olivia are making phenomenal blogs that have a large readership. ASOS, an online fashion store, is capitalizing on their new popular fashion magazine, ASOS Magazine.

ASOS is the number one visited fashion website for 18–34 year olds with 30 million monthly views and 8 million customers from over 200 countries. ASOS has their magazine online and in print version. Overall, ASOS Magazine has a readership of over 500,000 monthly readers. The magazine has a glossy layout with a sprinkle of stardom. ASOS features celebrities like Taylor Swift, Blake Lively and Jenifer Lawrence.

This magazine has a great balance of content and product showcases. ASOS Magazine editor said, “We do showcase product and that’s very important, but in ideas meetings, it’s not driven by product launches. It’s more about what’s important at this time of year. We work in tandem with the retail team.”

Not only are fashion brands are crossing over into unknown territory. Publications like Vogue and Cosmopolitan are making clickable versions of their magazines and turning to social media to lend ease to the shopping habits of their readers.

Traditional publications and new comers like ASOS Magazine have to develop their brands beyond the usual forms of reaching the consumer. They both are surviving amongst each other on the shelves and we will see if consumers will continue to be interested in the traditional forms.