You need to buy a newspaper
Jérémie Lannoy

Free press is dying: am I co-guilty or am I taking action?

I’m reconsidering currently:

  • Renewing my Mediapart subscription (because: Election year in France and my citizenship there, their strong and independent motto, execution and track record: «seuls nos lecteurs peuvent nous acheter», i.e. «only our readers can buy us».),
  • Getting my first Guardian subscription, exact same reasons than Jérémie’s above, been pondering it for 2 years, now seems indeed like the moment to act more than ever,
  • Blog more to contribute to Le Temps, because I live here in Lausanne, the city from where they publish and cover Swiss economics/politics, and they are in a very bad moment (see L’Hebdo being closed announcement this week) because of their Publisher.
That is the point you are not addressing Jérémie, if I can riff from there: totally lost-in-last-century publishers with no vision nor sense of History (i.e. strong ethics, new success criteria and better, new, business models).

There is no point in me buying a copy or a digital subscription of a great newspaper if lost-in-transition shareholders and CFOs keep selling/closing them or killing any chance at aiming for quality because of brutal, below-critical-mass downsizing in newsrooms.

Back to trying again, but with a better, different approach of last time (one of many) I tried to co-create what’s coming next after “the newspaper” as we know it, I guess. But man, this world can’t expect our generation to save everything at this scale. Give us a break, or start cleaning your mess, baby-boomers, please.

I will need the community to ask me relentlessly until I do, or what I did in the end ;)

Edit: Maybe it starts here, this very Saturday, if you live in Lausanne. I’ll do my best to be there, what about you?

(via Gael Hurlimann)