A Look at the History of Big Screen Phones- The Role of Samsung

One aspect that has visited the mobile phone revolution in the past few years is the love for bigger and bigger displays. It is hard to imagine that at one time small was an in-thing as manufacturers and consumers sought to move away from the bulky nature of the first phones. The handheld mobile had started this movement as it weighed a paltry 2kg having been developed from backpack mobile phones that weighed in excess of 40kgs. During those days the display was simply for viewing the digits for incoming and outgoing calls as well as authoring and reading text messages. This was well catered for by the small displays that were available and the bigger part of the phone face was taken by the keypad. Times have changed and everyone is now hooked to big screen phones.

History of the Big Screen Phones

The first big screen phones were not meant to be viewed as mobile phones but rather as mini-tablets. They were not as refined as what you have today as their resolution was low, the body bulky with poor batteries. Remember that this is after Steve Jobs had made his famous ‘prophecy’ to the effect that big smart phones were never going to make it on the market. There are a number of originators to the modern day large screen mobiles and the most notable is the Dell Streak which was ushered in in 2010 with a 5inch screen; something unheard of before this time.

Other notable pacesetters include:

· LG GW990

· 2011 Samsung Galaxy Note

. HTC Advantage

· LG Optimus Vu in 2012

· SamSung Galaxy S3

· LG Optimus G

· Vega R3

While some of the phones such as the Dell Streak and the LG GW990 were abject failures, they provided insight that is timeless and which helped see through the ultimate success of the big screen phones. The first real break came with the Galaxy Note which provided ample proof that big screen phones could sell as it was well received by the market. The one that takes the jackpot has to be the Samsung Galaxy S3 which was a resounding success and laid the ground for the influx of big screen mobiles that currently prevails. Phablets and Tablets give you big screens and a whole lot more functionality an fun than the normal sized screen phones. Students, gamers and professionals are cashing in on the benef8its that these phones have for their various pursuits.