The rise of Samsung as one of the most trusted brands in India

The south-asian market, especially Indian, has emerged as a Pandora’s Box of sorts. A population that is multiplying faster than the speed of light (relax, it’s just a literary tool called exaggeration, although there ain’t much difference) and wants to have a mobile almost as soon as they are born is nothing but a boon for the big digital corporate. A recent study showed that there are more mobiles in India than toilets. Though it is not a prudent comparison, it shows the level of awareness that people have, and the overwhelming desire to own a device. Mobile phones have become the lifelines of communication, and their continued use has thrown other conventional methods of communication, for instance telegrams, into non-existence.

Samsung is one such company which has benefitted the most with the obsession we have with gadgets. One of its devices, the Samsung Galaxy Ace was one of the first phones to provide a smartphone experience on a budget. It became a favorite with the burgeoning Indian middle class and has been one of the most successful phones launched by the Korean giants. A phone laced with features and a great snapper, it was, and probably still is the most popular phone for buyers who want true value for their money.

Samsung, although still the numero uno company when it comes to market share and revenue generation, is being given a tough competition by the new entrants. These small fishes are not that small in terms of innovative products provided at competitive prices. They have not been able to establish a brand name as such, and this is the most significant reason why Samsung is still winning the war. But they are keeping the bigwigs on their toes. With the competition getting hotter, no one can be complacent, and the only ones who can look to rest and cool their heels are the consumers, who by now must have gotten tired of the incessant shopping of digital products.

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