One thing I’ve found get increasingly valuable as I progress in my career is the ability to construct a clear, easy-to-follow argument, and know how to adapt it for different audiences. Whether you’re more comfortable written or verbal, this is a valuable skill to hone, no matter what role or level you’re in. A few tips and resources I reference often and thought would be valuable for anyone working on this:

  • The Minto Pyramid Principle is a good foundational framework. This is a method McKinsey teaches their consultants in how to structure and present their thoughts.

5 years ago, I was entering a more senior stage of my career and struggling at finding rolemodels. I felt directionless, disillusioned, and didn’t trust my own voice. I saw peers succeeding around me, and didn’t understand why I was plateauing. After a long period of existential angst (a story much better told over a drink), I finally found new momentum in my career. A few instances contributed to that:

  • I got very involved in extracurriculars. Through this, I started meeting a wider range of peers and could see different styles of leadership. I stopped looking for rolemodels, and started…

One of the big “a-ha moments” that changed how I approach my career was when I stopped thinking about my career as something that naturally follows my work, and I started thinking about my career as a product. I had X many years of experience building and marketing products, why didn't I do the same for myself?

By changing this mindset, here’s a couple of things that went well for me:

  • I'm not so great at taking compliments. I was raised to be humble and deflect compliments. Once I made my career an entity separate from myself, I was way…

This was originally posted internally in December 2017, as a note to a few colleagues working on news products and are overexposed to the world’s pain by the nature of the job. After burning out, I spent the past year focusing on self-care and resiliency. I’m much stronger now, and hoping that these tips can continue to help others.

Hi, I’m an ENFP. I have a lot of feelings and I absorb energy from the people around me.

Hi, I’ve had a really hard year. Without going into details, the news cycle and natural disasters last year hit me deeply…

Early on in my career I worked with someone who was…. a little socially awkward. As a naturally social and extroverted person, we had a bit of friction in learning how to work with each other. The best thing he did was explain to me this concept of outgoing & incoming tact, so we had a framework to address any instances that felt insensitive or tonedeaf.

  • Outgoing tact refers to how you communicate. You may be a natural at social graces. You’re sensitive and empathetic to how others feel. …

Shalin Pei

Product Design Manager @ Facebook

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