Why Neutralinojs is better — proof

Shalitha Suranga
Dec 8, 2018 · 1 min read

Are you building cross-platform applications? We all know, nowadays Electron and NW.js (aka Node Webkit) are very popular frameworks for making those. Those frameworks are promoting benefits as per below,

  • Usage of web technologies (HTML, Javascript, CSS…)
  • Native calls API
  • Very easy to learn. Anyone can build without too much effort

But those frameworks were criticized saying that it makes bloatware (apps which consume too much resources).

See these popular stuff~

We built Neutralinojs as a lightweight and fully portable alternative for Electron and NW.js as our final year research at university.


We have done an experiment showing the advantages of Neutralinojs. Here are the results!

Happy Coding!!

Shalitha Suranga

Written by

Software Engineer at 99xt | Apache Committer

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