Halloween at 2U LA

Halloween is a big deal at 2U! Each year a tremendous amount of time and energy is placed into making sure our Halloween event, 2BOO, is an event to remember. This year exceeded expectations, it was bigger and better than ever!

2BOO in the Los Angeles office was spooktacular! The day was fun-filled with games, music, and food. The costumes did not disappoint — Cleopatra, Ursula, Uncle Fester, and even Bob Ross were all in attendance.

Stephanie Hall, Jennifer Lara, Brittany Odoms, and Alex Yu

In previous years, the LA satellite office has participated in the 2BOO event virtually. While it has always been an exciting day, in the past there has been a desire to physically be at the headquarters in Maryland to fully experience the 2U Halloween spirit. This year, once we got word that each office was having their own celebration, a 2U LA Halloween Committee was formed and we held pre-party activities throughout the entire month of October to celebrate. Activities included pumpkin carving, creating mason jar mummies/creatures and festive cutouts all while laughing and sharing stories about our favorite Halloween memories.

“I’ve been working at 2U for the past 4 Halloweens and this is definitely the best one. We had fun activities leading up to the party and it was a nice way to get into the spirit,” Elizabeth Eccleston, Student Success Manager

On the day of 2BOO, we started the morning off with a Boo-reakfast cereal bar where everyone was encouraged to bring in their favorite cereals to share. As people started filing into the office, excitement grew and groups began discussing how costumes were made and how long it took. It was especially fun to see everyone dressed up, even those who did not sign up to perform.

Throughout the costume contest the entire office watched and cheered for the 13 costume contest performances, the highest number of participants 2U’s LA office has ever had for Halloween! Some of the other costumes worn were roller coaster buddies, a piñata, Batman, The Love Doctor, Lily Munster, Hans the Bavarian Comedian, Fern (Charlotte’s Web), and Scar (The Lion King). Our content team, dressed up as emotions from Inside Out, won the top prize.

“Halloween at 2U is a reminder of how lucky I am to work with such creative, fun and passionate people.” — Christine Lee, Senior Contracts Administrator
Rollercoaster Buddies (Malerie Grady & Jill Segal) Inside Out (Kimberly Kelleher, Megan Green, Rebekah Brooks, Isabel Cheng & Erika Maldonado)
Lisa Trueblood, Todd Daugherty, Erika Thomas, Helen Park, Delilah Clayborne
Russellie Bongolan, Elizabeth Eccleston, Tania Morales

Following the costume contest, the office played Ghoulish Games before the Monster Mix lunch. For one of the games we used tissue paper to wrap one member of each team into a mummy and then voted for the most creative design

Leslie Connelly, Tyler Baranski, Alex Yu, Trevor Walklett

Overall, 2BOO was a great success for LA 2Utes and we can’t wait until next year!

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About Stephanie Hall: Stephanie is a Student Support Advisor at 2U. She is a Los Angeles native who holds a BA in Journalism from Howard University and earned her MSW from the University of Southern California. Her social work field experience includes interaction with adolescents, older adults and families in hospital and school settings. Before enrolling in graduate school, she worked in the television and film industry gaining experience in casting and advertising. Stephanie practices self-care through traveling to amazing places (most recently Barcelona and Amsterdam), working on DIY craft projects, and watching reality TV.