Oh Great Leaders, Open Your Eyes

srael and the Palestinians are fighting over “vast” parcels of land. Gaza is a whopping 139 sq. miles and the West Bank is an enormous 2,180 sq. miles. Each proclaiming that biblical times say the land is theirs. God, Abraham. Moses, Muhammad and maybe even Zeus have said so. Good luck proving that point to the other side.

But lets leave make believe land for a few seconds and look at the reality that is 2014 Middle East. The Arab Spring has wrecked havoc in many countries in the Middle East. Now even western countries are on high alert for potential terrorist attacks.

ISIS makes Hamas look like boy scouts. Even Al Quayda is freaked out by these band of thugs. They are blood thirsty individuals who perform criminal acts in front of cameras for the whole work to see. Where are all the peace keeping forces, like the UN and other do gooders, who are quick to accuse countries of crimes against humanity, but stand idle when ISIS publicly shows their brutal ways. Couldn’t they maybe rally the troops to rid the world of these savage beasts? Of course they can’t and won’t.

ISIS and maniacs like them pose a threat to all Middle East governments. Even the dictators, as Mr. Asad in Syria is experiencing. Can’t the Israeli and Palestinian leaders look into their crystal ball and see the threat that threatens both of them. Low and behold, these two bitter enemies now have a common enemy. If the leaders had any foresight, they would find a resolution to their decades old conflict and focus on the risk at hand. Join forces for the betterment of their people and the region as a whole. Prosper economically and socially. Show the world what a true force the two sides can be. Lead their people to a prosperous future. Stand up united against the forces of evil. Jointly change a culture of hatred into one of understanding and coexistence.

But unfortunately that is not what the Prophet Muhammad, Abraham, Moses, God and even Zeus would have liked. They did promise each side that land after all.

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