Boxed Nation — Live Acid @ Stuttgart

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#stuttgart21 #motorcity #intothesunrise

A call came from the south — Roglok (see picture below called) out to Berlin in order to recruit a partner in crime. Only point on the agenda — perform a piece of classic rave music! Surprisingly enough the booking went berserk and the act was mistaken as a DJ set, scheduled for 3 hours and put a challenge on the duo that had it’s experience with premature ejaculation due to ADS — a popular syndrome amongst the generation that grew up immediately after the reunion of the two Germanies. Many claim extensive gameboying and the influence of German rave pop Blümchen responsible.

“Rave is a very very simple feeling.”

Starting late at a very secret location in Stuttgart that is known for its rebellious and DIY culture, the venue went berserk. Strobe light and haze. Full on subconsciousness.

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