Canoe Concerts #27:
“Kunta Kinte” by Cindy Sizer

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#werder #canoe #slavesong #yoursmile

A cold and early morning, a techno band leaves the save city boundaries by train and ends up in a Genossenschaft in the making!

Cindy Sizer is know for, right, synthesizers, yet this is a totally different story now. For canoe concerts, a Youtube channel by Linus Strothmann, the band left all conventions behind and plays with the sounds of mother nature.

A freezing 0°C, about -2000°K and water temperatures around there the embark on a canoe on the Zernsee at Werder, Brandenburg.

Banjo, jambe, clarinette, Brazilian flutes and castanets blend perfectly with their interpretation of “Kunte Kinte”, theme song of the famous American TV sequel “Roots”. There is an awesome interpretation by the Revolutionaries on Youtube and vinyl, you should not miss. The band tries to preserve the dubby vibes of the revolutionaries, yet finds their own signatur sound despite the lack of a FunctionOne soundsystem or a 490 channel mixing desk.

Their latest EP “Forever” can be purchased at your favourite Berlin record dealers OYE Records, HHV, and Spacehall.

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