Vol.1 — 4.6 @ Platoon Kunsthalle, Berlin


We are proud to invite you to our pilot event for a monthly showcase of new and inspiring piano dance music. This sonic experience is bringing back the oldest instrument in modern European music to the dancehalls and clubs of the world. The Piano * Bass * Drum nights are both an outlet for creative minds in the field of both electronic music, and classical music, as well as a place for experiments with modern piano technologies and real-time composition.

In our opening night we present to you a combination of artists that have shown their curiosity for the future of the piano in this years Jetztmusik Festival in Mannheim. Gregor Schwellenbach is a master of dissection. With his interpretations of various techno classics amongst many belonging to Cologne’s prime techno-label Kompakt, he is showing the simplicity and comfortable easiness of modern dance music. His arrangements are both dance floor crackers and chamber music strictly in the tradition of such amazing projects such as Acid Brass or Pinoccio and the seven musketeers, ..erm, we think you know what we are talking about. Secondly, Mandy Mozart prepared some interpretations of Robert Schumann together with extrem enigmatischer Pianist David Schwarz (https://soundcloud.com/mandymozart/jetztmusik-festival-feat-david-schwarz-swr-studio-mannheim), Nastja on vocals and Thomas Prestin on clarinette and fx. His/her/its interpretations of “Frauenlieder- und Liebe” is a work-in-progress that will find it’s completion only on the hofmusik dancefloor of Platoon Kunsthalle. The original scores are taken as modules to add a romantic lightness to the heavy bassdrum grooves.

Both acts will blur the line between solo and collective jam, as a regular rave does also not clearly limit the party to A/B sides, yet explodes in the universe of possibilities.


  • Mandy Mozart feat. Thomas Prestin, David Schwarz, Nastja (Shalom Salon) Soundcloud

Doors: 8 pm Cover: 10 EUR
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