Torky Tork & Doz9 — T9 (Official Release 5th June)

Der Tork und Doz9 from Schaufel und Spatten team up to release a rap tape in German? Seriously!

Let the fun begin!

An album about the legendary Nokia spelling assistant that like no other has shaped the way of German rap music. Every number one hit has been precomposed with T9, the phone that freestyles. We highly recommend also to use the melody composer of these phone — better than any Music Maker App for your toy piss pad phone.

Let’s make something clear, nobody can challenge the output of Torky Tork at this moment. Every week he releases a new best-of album, star collection 10 piece vinyl pack, etc. Touring, and blasting out what he likes most — beats! & made it possible! Seriously, stay tuned for our upcoming beat releases via Mummed. The finest selection of doom beats. The tightest samples from the deep underground, the psychedelic cosmopolitans and the inner circle motherland.

Geh ins Licht! Into the Light!

Order your copy on Vinyl or Tape, now!

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