Video: Cindy Sizer — Terra Morta

The apocalypse is near! We do not fear!

The world as we know it will eventually fall into a 1000 year long sleep. Our future is unknown to most and also seeking refuge in the beauty of the mountains and ancient city capitals will go down the fucking drain together with us. There is no Arche!

The Earth is death, death is the earth, completely dead, absolutely lifeless!

We killed her, we are killing her, we do not know how to save even ourselves. — We are dead, we are to be feared, we are the darkness!

Cindy Sizer celebrates the Armageddon, riding pegasus unicorn with black cloud swings. A mythical drone observing and conserving the remaining dying pariah we all are.

Credits: Video Edit by Henrik José

Official Remixes

Rejoicer & Yudko (Raw Tapes)

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