Sometimes my scope and meta practise as programmer and my work in other artistic fields heavily collide. In programming I think about concepts and potential mega structures that maintain themselves in the future and provide proper infrastructure for information and “ART” or “content” flow between “PEOPLE” or “consumers” or “COLLABORATORS”…

Dear beloved readers. Usually, I update about the latest music projects coming up, but as you may remember from things like EDMT and our history as an open source netlabel, we are heavily interested in technology and software that helps people produce and perform music.

Here is the story: Two…

“Do you remember — we used to fool around?”

Judith is asking. Their first single is a nostalgia. A world in our mind, where everything comes back to life in all its vividness.

“You keep having a good time!”

is a rhetorical outcry to Mandy who seems stuck in Plato’s…

15.7. @ Platoon Kunsthalle

The night was featuring Reynold, curator at his own Deep House imprint Trenton Records.

Visually PBD gained support by Trigger Bang Bang who are doing an excellent step towards what we call a real piano bass experience.

@zkm @karlsruhe #mediaart @vjfader @mandymozart @EDMTApp

We are super proud to announce that our random endeavour into creating an audiovisual language and tool has been rewarded by one of the most re-known international supporters of media art ZKM in Karlsruhe (Zentrum für Kunst und Medien). And it’s the great Price for Artistic Innovation, what is more than reasuring to us, that EDMT is the right way to go.

Apocalypse Enternal! Cindy Sizer @ Fusion Querfeld

The lifes of thousands have been spared! Giegling invited the shaman priests to fuel the ceremony, extend the ritual and combine the light of the day with the darkness of the night!

Lights! Shanting! Drumming! A circle of friends, the smell of horses, the breath of a dragoon meandering its way through the dancefloor. From zero to rave! When the mind controls the body and lust spills from every pore, a new chapter is opened. The gates to hell and heaven equally open at the same time. The cosmic singularity of brother- and sisterhood once more hit earth.

@roglok @upitup @mandymozart

#stuttgart21 #motorcity #intothesunrise

A call came from the south — Roglok (see picture below called) out to Berlin in order to recruit a partner in crime. Only point on the agenda — perform a piece of classic rave music! Surprisingly enough the booking went berserk and the…

Der Tork und Doz9 from Schaufel und Spatten team up to release a rap tape in German? Seriously!

Vol.1 — 4.6 @ Platoon Kunsthalle, Berlin

@gregor-schwellenbach @mandymozart @platoon @davidschwarz @thomasprestin @nastja @kompakt @shalomsalon


We are proud to invite you to our pilot event for a monthly showcase of new and inspiring piano dance music. This sonic experience is bringing back the oldest instrument in modern European music to the dancehalls and clubs of the…

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