Decorate your home the contemporary style

If you wish to live in style and want yourself to be included in the current style of interiors then this style is perfect for you. It is the most popular style incorporated in house, offices and other commercial interiors. Contemporary style is all about simplicity, sophistication, of straight lines and use of natural fibres free of texture and prints.

To learn more about contemporary you need to look at certain consideration that will constitute the contemporary style:

Choose colours of elegance

Pastel colours or extensive use of white and black are the colour that dominates the scene. Black can visible anywhere in the form of furniture or statement pieces can be used to accentuate the sophistication of the subtle furnishing or draperies. White is also used extensively in choosing the colour of the wall or the flooring .But a pop of bold colour emerges out of the neutral background Choose the colour if only you want to make the thing a focal point in the room .If the walls are painted in white the accessories should be in bold colour .If the windows are painted in pastel shade the borders or trimming should be in neutral colours .Secondary colours like grey, tan and brown can also be used to create a contemporary look.

Stick to straight lines

For the Contemporary look there is no place for pointed edges or tapering legs of the chair or table The furniture should be of a lower height be it the bed or the sofa set. Geometrical pattern or floral pattern break the straight line of the furniture, you can opt two colour combination would be matched to produce a natural look. Throw a zero colour pillow on a black coloured sofa or vice versa. The furniture should be clean without any kind of pattern or impression done on it. Use of frills or laces to decorate the furniture is a complete no-no to get the look. The fabric chosen to cover the furniture is natural like cotton, silk, wool and satin.

Stylised interior

When it comes to designing contemporary stile of interior there is a thin line between modern and contemporary .The only difference is that it is the style of the present era and has no connection with traditional or highly modern interiors. The emphasis is on comfort and natural rather than designer or traditional requirement. The furniture in the form of sofas or dining table cam have curved edges or very basic. Try to get more light in the room by installing tall windows or doors and high ceilings with plain coloured ceiling light in white or earthy tone .In the contemporary interior the less the furniture the better. Need to have more room for traffic is the prime requirement of contemporary interiors.

Lighting and flooring

Track lighting suits best in contemporary lightning requirement. The lighting is installed in the ceiling or on top of a vintage painting or an abstract work of art. Instead of marble laded flooring or marble chip flooring use natural elements for flooring like wooden or veneered tile for the flooring and if you wish to use a covering for the carpet go for neutral shaded rugs or carpets.

Contemporary style kitchen

Choose glossy, modular kitchen units .The kitchen should have built in cabinets with accessories made of steel or in white. The kitchen can be without a door or it could be a standing kitchen with natural shaded counters or in black granite with steel colour cabinets or extensive use of glass in the interiors .A big sized on one corner will provide the light that is required for a bright and eco friendly kitchen.


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