How less population can help the world.

Problems we are facing all around the worlds are well known like less jobs, global warming and higher inflation rates and crime.

First we need to stop the way our population is increasing day by day. The way population is increasing its being the reason for so many problems in the world.

Problems with more populations are simple.

There are less jobs creation, industries already have reduced the man powers through machines and now we are working on creating better robots where in the world in coming times you need more humans when we will be replacing humans with robots soon, ain’t we creating a problem with our own innovation for human kind.

production is less demand is high and it becomes the reason of price inflation,

more global warming, even being an educated person this problem is not getting solved.because its difficult for people to adapt the change for better or they are so engross in their dreams,nessassity and survival that they avoid and neglect the earth where they are surviving and living.

More poplution is becoming a frustration for human indirectly when they are not able to find jobs for themselves or an opputurinity. Its becoming a reason for crime also.

So in such cases government should start decresing the population.

Yes if every person takes the responsibility it can be changes but common when we have a habbit of living in fear of god.we need a fear of government and rules to change ourselves.

I believe government can do more 5 things to change the senerio.

  1. Compulsorily people should start using solar for energy.
  2. Compulsorily every building and house should have water harvesting system. Its will sort the water problem.
  3. Compulsorily every building and house should plant more trees and plants.its will stop heat which is increasing day by day.
  4. Compulsorily every building and house should have waste decomposition system.
  5. Government should stop population like china is doing.

Recently in india cable setup box become compulsory, its a medium of entertainment which got compulsory for people to buy.

If government gives some subsidy or tax benefit or rashan benefit to people. We human will definitely do this. Because we human need either fear or incentive to do something ,yes! few people doesnt bother about incentive and subsidy because they understand but we dont need few we need all the people to work towards it.