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Went through a bit of a scare at the mall a few days before Christmas… a fight broke out and people thought there was gunfire, and all I saw was a crowd running towards me and screaming. We all hid in the various stores and closed the gates until it was declared safe.

This time of year is really hard on a lot of people. As I was feeling sorry for myself not being able to visit my family for the holidays, some people struggle to even get a meal on the table, and put themselves in debt to keep up with societal expectations. There is a price for the kind of society that fosters such a money-centric sentiment. There are haves and have-nots, even when we’re talking about basic things like clean water.

I know there are times where we feel like we’ve earned everything that we have, that we deserve it all, but that can often follow with the idea that others don’t work as hard and so don’t deserve as much. To me, nobody in a society wins or loses alone because we all work together at all times. I didn’t build this computer that I use, or write the code that allows you to see what I’m saying, yet I am able to work because of it. Nobody is worth less or more, and we all deserve to live well. That is the way a society thrives.

Technology was supposed to help us, not help divide and rule us. Let’s do better in 2020; let’s stop letting others control what we value, and let’s stop building technology, standards, and laws that make us hurt each other. We can do better for ourselves and one another!

Here’s to a better decade. Happy New Year to all. 🎉

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