Chasing clouds

Each day, as we grow, i found myself thinking, questioning myself, “will i make it?”, “is it possible for me?” or “how am i gonna do it?”. These questions keep playing inside my head.

I know, everybody think of me or see me as an “idiot”, “that girl that always just wanna chill”, “useless”, “moron”, “has no chance to be a better student”.

Even if the truth is, i know what are the answer to these questions. Problem is that, i don’t know if i have that much of courage and confidence to do it. But as i struggle, my mom approached me and told me, if i’m really willing to do it, then I CAN.

I’m so thankful that i have my mom (or family) that supports me in my decision and guides me to the better path of my life. Yes. It is like chasing clouds. Seems like impossible, ayt? But it is POSSIBLE.

Now, all that matters to me is my studies. I don’t need to prove myself to anyone or to those people who does nothing but to judge. For I BELIEVE, that I CAN do it, and it is POSSIBLE for me, to get to that University that i’m chasing.
I need to prove myself — only to myself.