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Mapacho N. Rustica 800 grams — 1.8 lb

Reference: AO — 7

Condition: New product

Mapacho (uncut roll) is used by the ethnic Amazonian tribes, such as “Conibo Shipibo” and the “Ashaninka” in ayahuasca ceremonies and also used on tables with San pedro cactus.

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This crude Nicotine belongs to the family (Solanaceae). The main species used in Indian America, is called (Nicotiana tabacum) and (Nicotine rustica) are both Hybrids and therefore represent the end products of a long process of experimentation. There is reason to believe that the cultivation of snuff for religious and medicinal purposes, including use for shamanic trance, began around the same time that the tropical agricultural forest in South America, approximately makes 6–8000 thousand years ago.

Normally it is thought that the snuff is not able to induce visions, but it was intensely used by indigenous groups they regarded it as the quintessential shamanic intoxication. This kind of snuff is one of the strongest in the world, including its alkaloid content is significantly higher than the (Nicotiana tabacum) it was used exclusively for its entheogenic powers (to invoke the spirits etc.), its smoked during ayahuascan ceremonies or added to the brew. The snuff is present throughout the process of traditional medicines.

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