The Intuitive Leader: Why Intuitive Leadership Coaching Matters

Leilani Mañulu
6 min readJul 8, 2022

This article explores the practice of intuitive leadership coaching, why it matters, and what it can look like to work with an intuitive leadership coach. It addresses the following questions:

  • What exactly is an intuitive leadership coach, and what sets them apart from traditional leadership/executive coaches?
  • What can it look like to work with an intuitive leadership coach?
  • What can a session with an intuitive leadership coach look like?
  • How to choose an intuitive leadership coach

Check out this article to learn more about what it means to be an intuitive leader.

What is an intuitive leadership coach?

An intuitive leadership coach is a guide (and often spiritual or energetic healer) who utilizes their own intuition to support clients in a deep exploration of their own intuitive gifts in service of becoming a more impactful leader in their work and home life. I am a leadership expert; however, as a coach, my main purpose is to guide leaders back to their own intuitive wisdom. I wrote an article about this process, which I call ‘arriving home to yourself.’

Working with an intuitive leadership coach can support intuitive leaders in:

  • Activating, understanding, and leveraging their intuitive gifts more intentionally so that they can make more informed and aligned decisions in their work and home life
  • Understanding their unique leadership style and divine purpose more deeply and how to apply it in their work and home life

This process is a bit different than working with a traditional leadership/executive coach. An intuitive leadership coach has the same expertise in business, leadership, and team formation/development; however, an intuitive leadership coach takes them a bit further, supporting the client in connecting deeply with their own intuition to make decisions that feel aligned with their divine purpose or spiritual calling.

What can it look like to work with an intuitive leadership coach?

Although every intuitive leadership coach’s approach, gifts, and techniques are different, what leaders can expect in hiring us is that we use our intuition to guide them in their process of understanding things about themselves like:

  • Who they are authentically as a leader
  • How they connect with their own intuition to make more aligned and impactful leadership decisions

As an example, here is what clients can expect (at a high level) in working with me. I require an intensive, 3-month commitment up front because the nature of activating and exploring intuitive gifts requires an incredibly hands-on, supportive process.

I didn’t require this level of support when I first began my intuitive leadership coaching practice, and it began feeling out of alignment because I would awaken a leader’s intuitive gifts and often leave them vulnerable or confused when they needed additional support. This process is essentially an awakening and deepening of the client’s intuitive gifts, and I now understand intimately that it requires someone like myself to support and guide clients through that critical time.

When I first connect with a new client, we explore the following:

  • Who are they (or how do they perceive who they are) today?
  • How do they operate in the world? What do they value? Through which lens or belief system do they see/perceive the world?
  • What are their intentions for this work? Why are they seeking this level of support?
  • What does success look like in working together?

Many leaders that I work with are executives who have been in high-ranking leadership positions for some time, and they are often looking to understand how to get into better alignment and fine-tune their leadership style. Others are leaders earlier in their leadership journey and looking to be more intentional about the ways they approach their relatively newer leadership roles and leading their teams.

Regardless of how an intuitive leader is entering their work, it is important for them to understand who they are in the world, how they perceive themselves, and the roles that they play in their organization, their family, and other circles they belong to.

We then begin to explore the client’s intuitive gifts. Every single person has intuitive gifts; it’s simply a matter of understanding what those are and connecting more deeply with them. Chances are, these leaders have been using their intuition to guide the ways they work and connect. This process allows them to be more intentional about how they utilize their gifts.

As an example, my most dominant intuitive gifts are clairvoyance (or ‘clear seeing’), clairsentience (or ‘clear feeling’), and clairaudience (or ‘clear hearing’). This means that I interpret intuitive information through the images I see in my mind’s eye (or sometimes even ‘signs’ that I see in the physical world around me), sensations or emotions that I feel in my physical and emotional body, and sounds and messages I receive (both internally and externally).

I’m lucky to also have the gift of being able to connect deeply with my client’s own intuitive gifts, thereby being a source of validation and confirmation for them as they explore their own gifts.

What can a session look like?

Since every person is different and has different goals and intentions in entering this work, it is difficult to explain what a ‘typical’ session can look like. However, most of the sessions I conduct with intuitive leaders have the same overarching structure, which I’ve outlined below:

  • Initial connection and intention setting. I spend the first part of every session feeling into my client’s energy, understanding what they are experiencing and/or struggling with, and setting intentions for the session. Most people arrive with some question on their heart and/or seeking clarity of some sort, such as exploring a conflict with a colleague or gaining clarity on a business or personal decision.
  • Grounding and entering the healing space. I am a shaman and practitioner of the Akashic records (this article does a great job of explaining what the records are), so I do most of my sessions from that healing space, which requires energetic grounding, protection mantras, and calling in spiritual support (such as ancestors, spirit guides, etc.).
  • Client-led session. Once we are in the records, I support the client in exploring their intuitive gifts and lead any specific healing that is required. This is where clients gain the clarity they are seeking and learn how to access and strengthen their intuitive gifts. Since I am also a shaman, I sometimes (but not always) conduct soul retrievals, energetic extractions, and energetic cord cutting for clients. If energetic healing is conducted, there is typically a ‘sealing in’ of the healing as well as channeled instructions for integration moving forward.
  • Guiding clients back to their physical experience. After the bulk of the session is complete, I guide clients out of the Akashic records and back into their physical bodies. I spend a few minutes stabilizing their energy before ending the session, and I check in on them regularly between sessions to ensure that they feel supported in integrating the healing that occurred.

How to choose an intuitive leadership coach

Similar to hiring a support person of any kind, hiring a coach is an extremely personal decision that will vary based on a variety of factors.

There has to be some level of chemistry and fit when working with a coach that may only be apparent when listening to your own intuitive guidance. Notice the signs within your own body when talking to or connecting with potential coaches. Do you feel emotionally (or even physically) safe and at ease with this person? Do they offer a unique perspective that you feel may balance out how you see the world and move through your work? Are their healing modalities aligned with your own personal belief system? Do you feel that this person will be direct with you and challenge you in ways that will allow you to grow and thrive?

At the end of the day, you can trust your intuition to guide you to the right person to support you on your path.

If you are interested in learning more about how I support intuitive leaders, let’s explore what it could look like to work together.



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