Strong Suns Moon

In our Medicine Wheel, we refer to the Moons as Grandmother. There are other traditions who hold the moon as masculine, but for our work, we refer to the Moon as Grandmother. There are twelve Grandmother moons to travel on the Medicine Wheel. As well as Stone # 4 in the Centre of the Wheel is also referred to as Grandmother Moon.

Strong Suns Moon

The moon has long been associated with time to plant, time to harvest, time for various animal husbandry techniques. When I was a young woman living on a farm, I was fortunate to be taught the ways of the Moon by an Old Grandfather in our Community. He told me about what to plant during certain phases of the moon, and when, according to the moon phase, to harvest.

More stories are told of the moon and its special powers, than almost any other celestial body. Each moon name holds a specific lesson on the Medicine Wheel we are exploring. Understanding the turning of the Wheel, includes understanding the nature of the moons along the Wheel. We are going to begin with the Strong Suns Moon. To us in the Northern Hemisphere this is when the Sun is at its Zenith in the sky on June 21. This year, 2016 we were fortunate to experience Summer Solstice, and the Full Moon on the same day.

Each moon on this wheel has an animal, a plant and a semi-precious stone associated with it. See the sidebar for information on this moon’s associated animal, the Flicker.

This Moon helps us to learn about our desire for self-expression; from the carnelian stone we are reminded of our strong heart connection; and from the plant Rose, we are reminded of our ability to both to heal and to inspire.

The Strong Sun Moon teaches about the importance of the emotions and the need for a strong home base. It educates us about the laws governing relationships, family mothering, and nurturing. Under the bright summer sun we are reminded to guard against wallowing in all our emotions and about fearing to take any stand. We are celebrating the crops we have sown and will watch grow. We enjoy the long days ahead of us.

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Originally published at Shamans Way.